Neah Power Systems, Inc. is developing long lasting, efficient, and safe power solutions for portable electronic devices. These devices include notebook PCs, military radios, and other computer, entertainment, and communications products. Founded in 1999 by Leroy Ohlsen and Michael Fabian, Neah Power has grown to include a world-class engineering and scientific team from around the world. Prototype development continues and the company expects to make their energy products commercially available this year.

Neah Power Systems uses a patented, silicon-based design for their micro fuel cells. This enables higher power densities to enable lighter-weight, smaller form factors and lower costs. The Company’s micro fuel cell system can run in aerobic and anaerobic modes. This silicon-based architecture lets the Company use a componentized design so that they can tailor a fuel cell to meet each customer’s needs, varying the components to achieve required power, size, and operating duration.

On April 21, 2009, Neah Power Systems, Inc. announced that they signed a technology license agreement with Hobie Cat Company to explore together utilizing the company’s patented, silicon-based fuel cells to power Hobie Cat’s various boat products. Hobie Cat Company is a manufacturer of world-class sail and fishing boats.

Neah’s fuel cells use renewable methanol, a cost efficient, sustainable “green” energy. Dr. Chris D’Couto, Neah Power Systems, Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated that Neah fuel cells unique anaerobic operation, which minimizes or eliminates air quality impact, applies directly to Hobie’s water environment.

“Our micro fuel cells may eventually replace batteries for most uses,” Mr. D’Couto said, “meaning that cost-efficient and ”green” technology is at hand to not only preserve the environment, but to provide nearly perpetual power to the military, manufacturers of almost any product that require an energy source, and to the millions of consumers who require energy on the go.”

Last Thursday, Neah Power Systems, Inc. announced that they have successfully demonstrated a new type of low cost, high reliability liquid electrolyte based direct methanol fuel cell. The fuel cell does not require air to operate. This is the first major innovation in fuel cell technology in over 20 years.