Neah Power Systems, Inc. is developing fuel cells for the military and portable electronic devices. The company uses a unique, patented, silicon-based design for their micro fuel cells. These enable higher power densities, lower cost, and compact form-factors. Neah Power Systems trades on the OTCBB and they have their corporate headquarters in Bothell, Washington. Prototype development continues for the company and they expect to make their energy products commercially available this year.

Neah Power anticipates their patented silicon-based fuel cell will provide a premier power source for all types of military applications. They expect their Neah Power fuel cell to provide two to three times the energy capacity versus the standard BA-5590 battery, while remaining in the same compact form. Soldiers would need to carry only one fuel cell and cartridges for continuous power capability – lessening their load by 70 percent.

Neah Power Systems, Inc. is also developing their products for first responders who need reliable and long-lasting communications, sensors, and other portable electronics devices. First responders can continuously run their electronic equipment without the need to wait for recharging. When one fuel cartridge is exhausted, a first responder can take it out and insert another one to continue the power supply. Instead of carrying multiple batteries or finding a way to recharge their batteries, first responders would only need to carry one fuel cell and several lightweight fuel cartridges for continuous power capability.

Last week Neah Power Systems, Inc. announced that they appointed Kenth Pedersen as Chief Business Development Officer. Mr. Pedersen was Founder and CEO of Hyphase Energy, Founder and CEO of Boegeskov Energy, and inventor of a novel technology used in creating non-planar fuel cell electrodes prior to joining Neah in February 2009.

Dr. Chris D’Couto, President and CEO of Neah Power commented, “Kenth is very resourceful and entrepreneurial, and his knowledge of renewable energy markets will have a significant positive impact on Neah. He has been instrumental in developing some of our existing customer relationships, and in this role, I look forward to working with him towards the successful launch of our products and revenue generation by the end of 2009.”