Financials: Mar. Bonds are currently 5 lower at 144'15 and the 10 Yr. Notes 1 lower at 132'00. These markets are still displaying a fear premium due to fear of Greek and Portugese debt. Yesterday the Bonds neared resistance of the 145'16-146'00 level making a high of 145'03. Yields dropped once again to 3.00% on the 30 Yr. and 1.85% on the 10 Yr. evidencing a continued flattening of the yield curve.In spite of this we are spread counter trend, long the 5 Yr. Note/ short the 10 Yr. Note, currently trading at 8'00 ( we put the spread on at 7'23 premium the 10 Yr.) Grains: Yesterday Mar. beans closed 33'6 lower, Mar. Corn 10'0 lower and Mar. Wheat 2'4 lower. Over night Beans were 4'6 higher at 1190'0, Corn 7'4 higher at 639'2 and Wheat 12'2 higher at 657'0. I will be looking to once again go long Mar. Corn below the 623'0 level. Cattle: Yesterday Apr. LC closed 70 lower at 127.75 amd Mar. FC 25 lower at 154.35. We remain short Mar. FC with a protective buy stop at 155.65. Silver: Mar. Silver is currently 46 higher at 33.99 and Apr. Gold 14.00 higher at 1748.50. If you continue to hold long call and/or call spreads, consider once again rolling long options to a higher strike price to take advantage of recent price increases. S&P's: Mar. S&P's are currently 6.50 higher at 1315.50. Continue to treat as a trading market between1293.00 and 1318.00. At the moment I favor the short side of the market at current levels for short term trading. Currencies: As of this writing the Mar. Euro is trading 41 higher at 1.3167, the Swiss 38 higher at 1.0935, the Yen 5 lower at 1.3109 and the Pound 87 higher at 1.5776. For the most part I am just a spectator at current levels. We do however remain long out of the money Mar. puts in the Euro and the Yen. Regards, Marc 888.908.4310 | 312.264.4310