Financials: June Bonds are currently 2 lower at 141'05 and the Jun. 10 Yr. Note 1 lower at 131'02. I still feel these markets are rangebound. Support for June Bonds is currently 139'00 and resistance 144'00. Grains: Over night May Corn traded 3'2 higher at 658'2, May beans fractionally lower at 1336'2 and May Wheat 2'6 lower at 671'6. These markets also appear to be rangebound for the most part over the last few sessions, rallying and breaking in opposite direction of the value of the dollar (when the dollar goes up; grains go down). We are currently short the July Corn 600'0/ 700'0 strangle (short the 600 put and short the 700 call) with the intention of holding this position to just befroe the March 30th planting intention report. Cattle: On Friday Apr.LC closed 100 lower at 129.95 and May FC 32 lower at 162.85. My views have not changed, I feel these markets are overpriced. Silver: May Silver is currently 2 cents lower at 34.50 and Apr. Gold 5.00 lower at 1705.00. I still feel that long term bullish traders should be thinking in terms of out of the money call spreads. As for futures traders: Now that Gold has had a near $100.00 break over the last week the market once again returns to a less vertical trade. Supprot is currently 1680.00 and resistance 1740.00 for the short term. Longer term I feel that support is closer to the 1600.00 area. S&P's: Mar. S&P's are currently 3.00 lower at 1365.75. As mentioned in my last Report I feel that this market isin an overbought situation and recommend selling in the money call spreads on the March contract (example: sell the 1340 call/ Buy the 1360call). Currencies: As of this writing the Mar. Euro is trading 30 higher at 1.3235, the Swiss 33 higher at 1.0975, the Yen 60 higher at 1.2286 and the Pound 38 higher at 1.5868. If you remain short the Euro cover your position and take the money. Regards, Marc 888.908.4310 | 312.264.4310