Neohydro Technologies Corp. excitedly announced today that its new wastewater treatment technology has astounded oil and gas operators and wastewater disposal companies with results that exceeded their highest lab-projected expectations. The wastewater treatment system was tested over a month of extensive real-world operations.

This is huge for us, stated Neohydro Technologies Corp. CEO Dean Themy. We've had promising results in the lab, but everyone needed to know the system would hold up under real-world conditions for extended amounts of time. It has! Now all the clients that were waiting in the wings are scrambling to enter into service agreements.

The pilot project has proven how effectively a single-cell Neohydro unit can serve a large wastewater disposal company. According to the press release, Neohydro's single-cell unit treated a continuous stream of 2,300 barrels of wastewater in a 24-hour period - this result was more than double the lab-projected 1,000 barrel-capacity expectation. The lab results demonstrated that the high voltage electrodes removed enough metals, oils, hydrocarbons, BOD's and COD's to enable the re-use of the water in the frac process in accordance with EPA standards.

With the effectiveness of its wastewater treatment system confirmed, Neohydro now eagerly anticipates that it will be able to complete a mutually beneficial agreement with ITL (Iowa Tank Lines Inc.) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Water Recovery LLC. In the interim, the company's mobile test unit, the Roverâ„¢ is already on its way to a series of scheduled demonstrations at several well sites in the Utah area before moving on to other potential sites in the US and Canadian Rocky Mountain regions.