Previous : 56.5 Billion
Forecast : 60.0 Billion

Definition : Net foreign securities purchases indicates to the difference between country net in cash flows and net out flows in reference to the internal investments, foreign external investments and personal finance, that express local consumer and foreigners investors willing to invest their capital inside the country whether through stock market investment, or mortgages, or technological industries ,or good exports.

Why is it useful?Net foreign securities purchases index importance level on currencies market is moderate, according to that, rising net cash flows refers to be an obvious indicator of increasing investments inside the country whether it was internal or foreign external investments, taking in consideration that general improvements express a rising local consumers and foreigners investors willing to invest their capital in that country's economic climate; causing at the end an increase in the money supply amount. As a result the entire economic conditions look healthy and attractive for different investors that lead to achieve the required economic growth which support and strengthening local currency.

Also this indicator leaves a significant impact on stock market as a consequence to the improvements in current economic conditions , which enhance and attract's different local or foreign consumers; eventually companies and factories movements will be active and more energetic.