Netflix has dozens of movies to watch for Halloween, but the streaming service also has tons of spooky and fun Halloween-themed TV shows for viewers to check out. From classics like “The Munsters” to kid-friendly Halloween episodes like on “Girl Meets World,” there’s something for everyone.

Check out the list of Halloween TV show episodes below: 

  1. “3rd Rock from the Sun” Season 3, episode 5 (1997)

The Solomon’s think they live in a haunted house.

  1. “90210” Season 2, episode 7 (2009)

Adrianna tries to get over her split from Navid by channeling Marilyn Monroe for Halloween.

  1. “About A Boy” Season 2, episode 3 (2015)

Fiona falls for a man dressed as Sherlock Holmes at Will’s Halloween party.

  1. “American Dad” Season 6, episode 3 (2011)

Stan and Francine are known for having the scariest haunted house, but this year their neighbor might take the title.

  1. “American Horror Story” Season 1, episode 4 (2011)

In “Halloween Part 1,” the Harmons receive decorating advice from the former residents … who are actually dead.

  1. “American Horror Story” Season 1, episode 5 (2011)

In “Halloween Part 2,” Tate finds himself getting harassed by a group of dead teenagers.

  1. “American Horror Story” Season 3, episode 5 (2013)

Madame LaLaurie’s horrific Halloween traditions are revealed.

  1. “American Horror Story” Season 4, episode 3 (2014)

Learn all about Edward Mordrake, a ghost who kills people who perform on Halloween.

  1. “American Horror Story” Season 4, episode 4 (2014)

Someone becomes Edward Mordrake’s victim after they perform on Halloween.

  1. “Bob’s Burgers” Season 4, episode 2 (2014)

The Belcher kids are trying to avoid annoying Millie on Halloween night, so they decide to build a fort to hide from her.

  1. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Season 2, episode 6 (1997)

Everyone becomes their actual Halloween costumes thanks to a spell gone wrong.

  1. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Season 4, episode 4 (1999)

Buffy and her friends find themselves trapped inside a haunted frat house on Halloween night.

  1. “Cheers” Season 3, episode 4 (1984)

It’s Halloween night, and Cliff is afraid he won’t meet the woman of his dreams.

  1. “Cheers” Season 5, episode 5 (1986)

Carla learns that her new house has been built on top of a graveyard.

  1. “Criminal Minds” Season 10, episode 5 (2014)

The team travels to San Diego to investigate the reappearance of a boy who went missing the previous Halloween and had been kept in a box.

  1. “Family Guy” Season 9, episode 5 (2010)

Peter and Joe set out to perform painful and humiliating pranks on their family, friends and neighbors.

  1. “Frasier” Season 5, episode 3 (1997)

Niles throws a Halloween party and wants his guests to dress up as characters from literature.

  1. “Frasier” Season 9, episode 6 (2011)

This time it’s Frasier throwing the Halloween party, and he asks everyone to dress as their heroes.

  1. “Frasier” Season 10, episode 5 (2002)

Bulldog pranks Frasier on Halloween night.

  1. “Friends” Season 8, episode 6 (2001)

Phoebe wants to get invited to Monica and Chandler’s wedding, so she invites her twin sister to come with her to Monica and Chandler’s Halloween bash.

  1. “Gilmore Girls” Season 6, episode 7 (2005)

Lorealai and Rory are upset they can’t celebrate Rory’s 21st as they had planned. Meanwhile, Stars Hollow celebrates Halloween.

  1. “Girl Meets World” Season 1, episode 11 (2014)

Auggie celebrates Halloween by telling spooky stories.

  1. “Glee” Season 2, episode 5 (2010)

The Glee club gets in the Halloween spirit by performing “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

  1. “Gossip Girl” Season 3, episode 7 (2009)

The Upper East Siders attends a 1920s-themed Halloween party.

  1. “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 4, episode 5 (2007)

Meredith thinks she’s being haunted by her mother’s ashes.

  1. “Hart of Dixie” Season 1, episode 6 (2011)

Zoe is convinced she saw a ghost.

  1. “Hart of Dixie” Season 3, episode 4 (2013)

Lemon finds out he’s not been invited to the Junior League’s Halloween Masquerade.

  1. “Hawaii Five-O” Season 5, episode 6 (2014)

The team has to investigate a killer who’s been recreating scenes from a slasher movie.

  1. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 1, episode 6 (2005)

Ted keeps his Halloween tradition by attending the same party he always goes to in hopes of running into a woman, dressed as a slutty pumpkin, he met three years ago.

  1. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 7, episode 8 (2011)

Ted once again attends the same Halloween party he always goes to but this time ends up meeting the woman he was searching for. Katie Holmes guest stars as Naomi aka the slutty pumpkin.

  1. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Season 6, episode 7 (2010)

Dee announces that she’s pregnant, and the guys try to remember what happened last Halloween to determine whether they are the father.

  1. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Season 8, episode 3 (2012)

Dennis and his friends crash Maureen’s wedding, but accidentally end up taking bath salts and turn into zombies.

  1. “Jessie” Season 3, episode 1 (2014)

Jessie and the kids decide to thrown their own Halloween party when they find themselves locked out of the party on the rooftop.

  1. “Liv & Maddie” Season 1, episode 5 (2013)

Maddie wants to help Joey get over his fear of talking to girls at the Halloween bash.

  1. “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Season 13, episode 5 (2011)

When a baby goes missing during a couple’s vacation on Halloween night, the squad’s investigation leads to them discovering a history of domestic violence and drunkenness between the husband and wife.

  1. “Malcolm in the Middle” Season 7, episode 4 (2005)

Hal learns that a murder-suicide once happened in their house.

  1. “New Girl” Season 2, episode 6 (2012)

Jess lands a job as a zombie.

  1. “New Girl” Season 3, episode 6 (2013)

The gang dresses up at Michael Keaton at Jess’s Halloween party to cheer up Schmidt.

  1. “NCIS” Season 4, episode 6 (2006)

The team is shocked by Abby’s Halloween costume, and also has to investigate a ransom case involving a Marine’s daughter.

  1. “NCIS” Season 6, episode 6 (2008)

Leading up to Halloween, the team takes on a case where a serial killer is leaving cryptic clues online. 

  1. “One Tree Hill” Season 3, episode 4 (2005)

Fall Out Boy performs at a Halloween party the group attends,

  1. “Park & Recreation” Season 2, episode 7 (2009)

Ann’s Halloween party is turning into a dud, so to help liven things up she turns to an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Leslie enlists Dave and Andy to help her catch a vandal.

  1. “Parks & Recreation” Season 4, Episode 5 (2011)

Ben gets upset when he’s not informed that Andy and April are throwing a Halloween at their house.

  1. “Parks & Recreation” Season 5, episode 5 (2012)

Leslie is usually in the Halloween spirit but this time there’s a damper on it when she gets bad news from Ben.

  1. “Parks & Recreation” Season 6, episode 6 (2013)

Instead of helping with the recall vote, Leslie spends the day planning what she’s going to do for Halloween.

  1. “Pretty Little Liars” Season 2, episode 13 (2011)

It’s finally revealed what happened to Alison the Halloween before she went missing.

  1. “Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, episode 13 (2012)

Rosewood High School celebrates the spooky holiday on a ghost train.

  1. “Pretty Little Liars” Season 4, episode 13 (2013)

The girls want to know more information about Alison so they take a trip to Ravenswood.

  1. “Raising Hope” Season 1, episode 5 (2010)

Jimmy steps in and helps Sabrina with her Halloween costume.

  1. “Saved by the Bell” Season 5, episode 13 (1992)

Zack gets accused of murder at a murder mystery mansion.

  1. “Supernatural” Season 4, episode 7 (2008)

The brothers think a witch has been sacrificing people trying to summon a demon. 

  1. “That ‘70s Show” Season 2, episode 5 (1999)

It’s Halloween night, and grade school records get released revealing long lost secrets.

  1. “That ‘70s Show” Season 3, episode 4 (2000)

The group gets the Hitchcock treatment.

  1. “The League” Season 2, episode 7 (2010)

Kevin convinces everyone to come to the suburbs for Halloween.

  1. “The Munsters” Season 1, episode 1 (1964)

Marilyn’s boyfriend throws a masquerade ball for her family.

  1. “The Office” Season 2, episode 5 (2005)

Michael is forced to let someone go before the Halloween party.

  1. “The Office” Season 7, episode 6 (2010)

Everyone in the office gets competitive as the Halloween costume contest kicks off.

  1. “The Office” Season 8, episode 5 (2011)

Erin is tasked with planning the office Halloween party.

  1. “The Office” Season 9, episode 5 (2012)

Andy has his a cappella group perform during this year’s office Halloween party.

  1. “The Vampire Diaries” Season 3, episode 2 (2009)

Damon and Elena attend a Halloween party on campus dressed as a couple.