Eyeballs are moving from TV sets to smartphones, tablets and laptop computers much faster than previously expected, according to a report from eMarketer. Digital TV viewership is expected to reach a crucial tipping point -- more than half of the U.S.’ Internet user population -- as early as 2014, the report said.

When it comes to streaming subscription services, Netflix is ahead of the pack. Some 21 percent of U.S. homes have a Netflix subscription, while only 6 percent have one to Amazon Prime Instant Video and 4 percent have one for Hulu Plus, according to a new study by German market research institute GfK.

Netflix subscribers were also more likely to actually use their subscriptions, with 80 percent reporting having used it at least once a week, compared to 47 percent of the Amazon-service subscribers and 66 percent of the Hulu Plus subscribers.

The GfK study also found that more than half of those with subscriptions to streaming services link their computers to TV screens and twice as many people watch streamed content on tablets as did on smartphones.

Here’s an infographic with more insights: