Netflix has increased its monthly fee, making subscribers choose whether to stream or to get the DVDs via snail mail, or pay a 60 percent increase for both. Now, members have to decide which they'd prefer, and it they choose to continue the dual option plan, well, the price will be considerably higher. 

The current plan for both DVD rental (one at a time) and unlimited streaming was a bargain at $9.99. However, the price is now, #15.98 a month.  

Netflix's company blog tried to take a positive spin on the situation stating they have created their lowest prices ever for unlimited DVDs, which is, we agree, at a low cost of $7.99 a month. But, the economic plan still limits viewers to only one DVD out at a time. The plan jumps to $11.99 if the member wants the ability to have 2 DVDs out at one time. 

However, despite the significant increase for the combined package, the prices for the Unlimited Streaming plan or the Unlimited DVD plan seem reasonable at $7.99 a month, each.

Tell us what you think about the new Netflix renting prices in the comments below. 

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