Netlist, Inc. recently announced that its 16GB HyperCloud memory module has been qualified on CIARA Atlas servers and Titan GPU systems. This has resulted in CIARA running more memory intensive simulations in a given set of time, resulting in higher productivity for its users.

CIARA, a Canadian business, creates Intel-based computers. It creates and markets a line of servers including the NEXXUS-4000, VXRACK and FUSION-1200. California company Netlist produces logic-based memory subsystems for datacenter servers and communications markets. The Netlist product portfolio includes HyperCloud, a cloud-based memory service, and NVault flash memory data retention systems.

Netlist claims that with HyperCloud, CIARA Atlas servers are able to attain increased system memory while not reducing memory speeds. Hypercloud also optimizes performances on servers by “overcoming traditional memory bottlenecks”.

Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CIARA said, “HyperCloud ensures our customers can maximize server utilization allowing more complex simulations to run in less time than before. The integration of HyperCloud positions us to support and develop new levels of high-performance computing grids with increased performance. Netlist is clearly a leader in memory advancements for the high-performance computing (HPC) user.”

Steve McClure, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing of Netlist added, “CIARA is a leader in HPC systems and its qualification of HyperCloud is yet another validation of HyperCloud’s performance benefits. We look forward to providing CIARA’s customers with exceptional solution improving memory performance and simulation run times.”