NetSol Technologies, Inc. announced this morning at the opening bell that it has been awarded a major contract in the area of Information Security by a leading mobile telecommunications company in Pakistan. Along with additional revenues, this contract further strengthens NetSol’s position as a leader in the information security services sector in Pakistan.

Needing a highly scalable and high performance solution, the client selected NetSol after a meticulous selection amongst competitive vendors. According to the press release, the client chose NetSol because of its strong information security practices, technical expertise and proven track record in deploying large scale information security solutions for information sensitive organizations.

NetSol offers a cutting-edge and high performance scalable solution that helps clients protect their data centers against security threats coming from the Internet or Intranet. The solution provides impressive security effectiveness, comprehensive coverage for the critical vulnerabilities, and extremely strong electronic defensive measures to prevent typical evasion techniques.

NetSol’s Information Security team will ensure the provisioning of hardware and software, lead the design and implementation, as well as train appropriate staff. This contract win reaffirms NetSol’s position in the market as a trusted partner for enterprise security management.

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