NetSol Technologies is a global leader in innovative, customized systems management solutions for manufacturing, equipment distribution and usage in the field, as well as financing and providing retail goods or services.

With the capacity to bring a worldwide domain of specific subject matter expertise to bear on any given project, a proven industry track record, and the proprietary BestShoring™ methodology which yields highly customizable and region-neutral process capability, NetSol is the ideal choice for a custom-tailored solution that uses products, services and certified personnel specific to the industry and sector.

NetSol fully supports the production and use of energy exploration, generation and control equipment with cutting-edge systems solutions and software via a technologically unbiased approach that uses whatever products or service components the client requires, thus allowing the Company to leverage all of its vast experience with the many platforms and protocols unique to the energy sector.

By providing a synergistic use of personnel and expertise in applications, communications and systems, NetSol is able to offer manufacturing support solutions in: agile manufacturing systems development; business intelligence; enterprise resource planning and security management; flexible manufacturing systems development; manufacturing process improvement; product lifecycle management; supply chain management; and ISO CNC control software.

NetSol also offers the following equipment control solutions: drilling and extraction control software; software for 3D/4D seismic modeling and depth imaging; solar and wind power charge control, inversion, and system monitoring software; and various other instrument control software.

NetSol also leverages its proprietary NetSol Financial Suite (NFS) to offer a robust solution for wholesale financing via the Wholesale Finance System (WFS) component, a highly customizable and intuitive environment for managing and automating bailment and floor plan requirements.

Comprised of five modules which can function as an integrated solution or as standalone solutions, the WFS is a superb, enterprise-level package consisting of the following modules: Credit Request Management; Loan Management; Stock Auditing; Billing and Settlement; and a Dealer and Auditor Access Module for web-based analysis.

NetSol’s NFS is also ideal when it comes to facilitating green power purchase agreements, which have become vastly more available to small business and even homeowners that want to exploit the benefits of green energy without enduring the exorbitant initial costs associated with the necessary equipment.

With wind, solar and other green energy companies offering purchase power agreements to a wider range of clientele, the NFS offers a rich, user-driven solution to managing the relevant transactions irrespective of size, while providing owner transfer and equipment purchase options as well as the ability to track system statistics.

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