NetSol Technologies Inc., a worldwide provider of global business services and enterprise application solutions, is ultimately all about intelligence, business intelligence. The whole idea behind the application of computer technology to the business environment is based upon the collection and processing of information in such a way as to enable the most accurate assessments and smartest decisions. This is where NetSol excels.

NetSol Technologies Business Intelligence delivers fully customized and integrated enterprise BI solutions, incorporating proven SAP BusinessObjects™ tools such as Xcelsius® and Crystal Reports®, advanced processing that allows for quick and accurate analysis and evaluation of virtually any type of business information, including sales, supply-chain efficiencies, resource deployment, and financial trends. NetSol BI is designed to transform raw data into actionable information, maximizing a company’s potential.

NetSol’s overall business intelligence solutions actually go well beyond classic business intelligence and analytics, opening a window to every aspect of a company’s operations.

Business Intelligence
• Advanced analytics
• Dashboards and visualization
• Information infrastructure
• Query, reporting, and analysis
• Search and exploration

Information Management
• Data warehousing
• Data integration
• Data quality management
• Data services
• Master data management
• Metadata management

Enterprise Performance Management
• Strategic management
• Planning and consolidation
• Financial consolidation
• XBRL publishing
• Financial information management
• Intercompany reconciliation
• Profitability and cost management
• Spend performance management
• Supply chain performance management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
• Risk management
• Access control
• Process control
• Global trade services
• Environment, health, and safety management

In addition, NetSol is able to offer this to virtually any type of business, anywhere in the world, using its broad base of experience to take into consideration the unique business intelligence requirements of specific industries and economic/political environments. It’s this kind of capability that has allowed NetSol to continue growing in even the toughest of times.

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