NetSol Technologies’ BestShoring™ methodology eliminates risks associated with outsourcing like miscommunication, lack of oversight regarding quality, and language complications which collectively can result in diminished profitability.

That’s why NetSol doesn’t outsource: every member of the worldwide network of personnel is part of the NetSol family. The Company brings a fully-integrated team to bear on the client’s problem to arrive at the best possible solution and price for each and every customer.

NetSol provides enterprise software and business services solutions for all manufacturing sectors including:

• Aircraft and Automotive
• Computers and Office Equipment
• Electronics and Electrical Equipment
• Forest and Paper Products
• Freight and Transportation Equipment
• Household, Pharmaceutical and Personal Products
• Industrial and Farm Equipment
• Network and Communications Equipment

NetSol’s solutions incorporate services and products most appropriate to the customer, not the Company’s convenience, offering the expertise and knowledge of applications, communications, and various systems and industries, as well as providing individual competencies for myriad tasks.

NetSol maintains the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and 27001 certifications for quality management systems and information security management systems, respectively. It also maintains a Maturity Level 5 rating for process design, as rated by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), whose CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) systems ensure the utmost standards in technical excellence.

NetSol’s Manufacturing Support Solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning; Human Resource Management; Product Lifecycle Management; Enterprise Security Management; Business Intelligence; Supplier Relationship Management; Supply Chain Management; Distributor Relationship Management; Wholesale Finance; Scanning and Tracking Support Software; Enterprise Asset Management; Financial Management; Process and Product Quality Assurance; Manufacturing Process Improvement; Agile Manufacturing Systems Development; Flexible Manufacturing Systems Management; ISO CNC Control Software; Instrument Control Software; and Applications Management.

NetSol also offers a comprehensive solution for wholesale financing via a component of the hugely successful NetSol Financial Suite (NFS), called the Wholesale Finance System (WFS), which allows for intuitive management of floor plan and bailment operations.

For dynamic requests and credit limits based on dealer and asset category data, there is the credit request management module; for loans against credit limits, loan schedules, interest rates, distributor payments and dealer repayments (as well as any associated charges or fees) there is a loan management module.

There is also a stock auditing module for inventory logistics among dealers and distributors which can determine the status of stocks, with the ability to do internal and external auditing combined with behavior analysis of dealers.

A billing and settlement module exists for on-demand and periodic billing activities, as well as provisions within the module for grace periods and manual or automatic settlement of receipts. A fifth, and final, dealer and auditor access module provides a Web-based environment to manage and inspect stock, initiate settlement requests, check on payables, or schedule dealer site audits and record results.

The WFS thus offers a suitable framework for clients to customize their own system built from these modules. The tight integration with other modules from within the larger NFS suite of software provides clients with total control over crafting a seamless, end-to-end wholesale financing solution.

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