NetSol Technologies Inc., a global provider of financial and other enterprise software solutions and business services, has offices on five continents, but nowhere more important than its increasing operations in the Middle and Far East (Asia/Pacific) regions. In these critical parts of the world, NetSol Technologies Limited has become well known for providing leading-edge IT and consulting services, including:

• Systems integration
• Technology outsourcing
• Customized application development
• IT consultancy and BPR
• Information security
• Business intelligence
• Software process improvement and quality engineering
• Product based solutions
• Defense solutions

In particular, the company offers the following Enterprise IT Managed solutions for the lending and finance industry:

• LeaseSoft Overview
• Credit Application & Processing System (CAP)
• Contract Management System (CMS)
• Wholesale Finance System (WFS)

By emphasizing top-tier business practices, together with the application of the most advanced technologies, NetSol is able to ensure the best in enterprise software solutions, including:

Automation and Management Of Wholesale Finance Activities – This system covers Credit Limit Requests, Payment of Loan, Billing, Settlement, Auditing of Stocks, Agent / Dealer Information and ultimately the pay-off function. In addition, the Dealer Access System (DAS) enables dealers / agents and auditors to connect with the system to view relevant information and carry out transactions.

Web-Based Credit Application Acceptance – This system acts as a web-based point-of-sale for leases or loans, using Internet and Intranet. Customers can remotely apply for credit, with the credit application based on the financial institution’s defined financial products.

Automated Robust Credit Application Processing – This system is equipped with strong workflow management, integrated link to credit rating agencies, and automated point scoring strategy for automatic approval/rejection/referral. It can also be customized for linking with any point-of-sale system.

Comprehensive Contract Management (throughout the life of the loan/lease) – This system provides comprehensive business functionality, enabling users to effectively and smoothly manage and maintain a contract with the most comprehensive details throughout its life cycle. It also provides interfaces with the company’s banks and accounting systems, and effectively maintains details of all business stakeholders (such as customers, dealers, debtors, guarantors, insurance companies, and banks).

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