The Nevada Republicans will head to their caucus stations on Saturday to choose the state's Republican nominee to fight Barack Obama in the November general elections.  

According to the Nevada State Caucuses Web site, the state has 400,310 registered Republicans voting for 28 delegates.  

Unlike the primaries, caucusing is a complex process with three levels - precinct, the county convention and, finally, the state convention.

Nevada is a closed caucus and the voter needs to be registered as a Republican to vote. Registration on the same day is not allowed in the state and voters need to bring a Nevada-issued driver license or a Nevada-issued ID card, or a federal-issued passport or military photo ID.

Although the caucuses are scheduled to conclude by 3 p.m. at the latest on Feb. 4, the results for all counties except Clark County will be announced by the party at 5 p.m.

A special caucus, intended to accommodate those who observe a Saturday Sabbath, will be held at the Adelson Educational Campus at 7 p.m.

The Nevada Republican results will be available through Twitter, through two accounts - one for the public and another for news rooms and developers.

1.     Follow @NVGOP  to track statewide caucus results, see how many precincts have reported, and for updates on closing times and other vital information.

2.     @NVVoteCount  will be tweeting the results from each precinct as they become available in a format designed for news organizations and developers.

You can also get updates here.

The Unofficial results will also be available here.

For all other information related to Nevada caucuses, such as polling station, timings and other details click here.