Nevada Gold Holdings, Inc. engages in the business of exploring for gold. They currently hold a lease on one property in northern Nevada. There, they have the right to explore, and if warranted, mine for gold. Their current plan is to explore for gold at this property and then determine if it contains gold deposits, which they can then mine if a feasible venture.

The company also plans to acquire future exploration prospects, but have not identified any specific future prospects at this time. Their exploration staff consists solely of the Company President and Chief Geologist, Mr. David Mathewson. The company plans to engage independent engineers, contractors, and consultants on an as-needed basis. In Nevada, there are five property categories available for exploration and eventual development and mining. These are public lands, private fee lands, unpatented mining claims, patented mining claims, and tribal lands. Nevada Gold Holdings, Inc. property consists of unpatented mining claims on federal lands.

Nevada Gold Holdings currently has rights to explore for gold on a property, known as Tempo Mineral Prospect. They lease this property from Gold Standard Royalty Corporation, a subsidiary of Golden Predator Mines Inc. They acquired rights to this property from the Lyle F. Campbell Trust of Reno, Nevada, which acquired the rights to the property from the Federal Bureau of Land Management by staking.