So you're sitting there watching your (INSERT FAVORITE COLLEGE TEAM HERE) battle another hated rival and you notice that (INSERT YOUR TEAM'S MASCOT) is on the eyeblack that your star athlete is sporting to keep that glare out of his finely tuned athletic eyes. This is something I have noticed for quite some time (since I Get It TM); however, Darren Rovell over at CNBC went a step further than yours truly, interviewing the CEO and president of about customized eyeblack. **Cue Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days** When I was a mere tot roving the outfield of knothole fields in Greater Cincinnati (wearing number 14 don't you know), I would slather on that greasy black concoction that was supposed to help you see better. Of course, I played right field, so how often was the ball hit to me? And the bigger question is, how often did I catch the ball?

That said - and reminiscing is now over, so stop the music - we may now see a new age in advertising thanks to the group over at Disney, HBO, Miller Lite, and Budweiser are now distributing eyeblack emblazoned with their logo at sporting events! Watch for me this Monday on Monday Night Football in the crowd at Paul Brown Stadium sporting my Schaeffer's eyeblack. Not really, but how cool would it be? How about eyeblack that proudly states, I read Nick Perry's Blog! helping you at work take the glare out of your computer's glow? Testify people, we can make this happen. Make sure to let Nick know you want that eyeblack!

But on a serious note, this company has a niche, albeit rather specialized. But how long before we see Barry Bonds hit another home run, cross home plate, point to the sky then wink, displaying his Body by Balco eyeblack? The advertising possibilities are endless.