The infamous disappearance of pilot Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan has has remained a puzzling mystery since 1937 when she attempted to fly around the world. Now it appears that a re-vamped investigation will occur which has the support of none-other than Hilary Clinton. The Secretary of State revealed:

Amelia Earhart may have been a unlikely heroine for a nation down on its luck, but she embodies the spirit of an America coming of age and increasingly confident, ready to lead in a quite uncertain and dangerous world. She gave people hope and she inspired them to dream bigger and bolder.

For this reason, Clinton is bringing attention to the extraordinary woman's tale. Though she was declared dead in 1939, various theories as to what exactly happened to her have emerged. Here are some theories on Earhart's disappearance from the outright ludicrous to the probable:

  • Earhart willingly crashed her own plane because her mission was actually a suicide run.
  • Earhart's plane was shot down or ran out of fuel in the Marshall Islands and taken prisoner by the Japanese.
  • Earhart's plane was shot down or ran out of fuel in the Marshall Islands and she was killed by the Japanese.
  • Earhart landed on the then unoccupied Nikumaroro Island and her remains were discovered in 1940.
  • Earhart's plane crashed: in the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Howland.
  • Earhart and Pilot Noonan were having an affair and eloped.
  • Earhart was abducted by aliens.
  • Earhart was killed by coconut crabs.
  • Earhart was under pressure to complete her mission and died of exhaustion.
  • Yes, she was a covert operative for U.S. Naval Intelligence.