A posthumous collection of poems and drawings from beloved children's author Shel Silverstein has been released.

Every Thing On It is a collection of more than 100 poems and drawings.

The title refers to one of the poems in the book, in which a little boy asks for a hot dog with everything on it and gets a hot dog with items such as a wristwatch, a frog and a fiddle.

National Public Radio (NPR) posted some of the poems, such as Frightened, on their Web site.

There are kids underneath my bed,/ Cried little baby monster Fred./ Momma monster smiled. Oh, Fred,/ There's no such things as kids, she said.

The author's family played a huge role in choosing the poems that would go into this collection.

Poems need to be read out loud, Silverstein's nephew Mitch Myers said, NPR reported. This is one of the joys of the book, and we really were able to determine if it really worked when we said it out loud.

Silverstein is also the author of The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic. He died in 1999.