Many major automakers reported January sales on Wednesday, and their results signaled further rebound in a recovering U.S. auto industry.

Of the big automakers, Chrysler has the most to celebrate Wednesday. Just more than two years after the U.S. government stepped in, bailed out the company and aided it through an expedited bankruptcy, Chrysler has restructured and put itself back on the map of major automakers. The company announced a net income of $183 million Wednesday for the fiscal year 2011, its first annual net profit since 1997.

Chrysler's momentum has been nothing short of remarkable, especially when it was on its last lifelines as recently as two years ago, said Michelle Krebs said, a senior analyst at It's poetic that Chrysler is receiving this well-deserved recognition almost exactly one year after its 'Imported from Detroit' ad campaign debuted during the Super Bowl, which was really the big turning point for the company.

Here's a look at which companies fared best -- based on numbers reported by the companies.