Here's some fun news for a Friday afternoon: Bluewater Productions just announced that it will be releasing a special comic book project featuring Lucille Ball, one of the most beloved and widely known figures in the history of American culture, to celebrate her centennial.

COMICS: Lucille Ball will be released in August 2011, for the late comedian's 100th birthday. It is written by Jaymes Reed and drawn by Patricio Carbajal, said Bluewater, which produces comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. It has offices in Vancouver, Washington and Miami, Florida.

This comic will focus on her humble beginnings and the incredible events that led to her eventually becoming a household name at a time when that meant virtually every American household as the star of the classic I Love Lucy program, a press release says. Though she would pave the way for many female comediennes that came after her, she towers over the rest. There is still only one Lucy.

The 32-page comic book will have a cover price of $3.99.

Our goal is to show the little-known events and influences that resulted in Lucille Ball becoming the phenomenon she remains to this day, 100 years after her birth and years after her death, Publisher Darren G. Davis said.