Two designers collaborate to make this brand possible - Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones.  Both studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Central Saint Martins.  Before creating Teatum Jones, the duo has worked with designers such as Warren Noronha, Luella Bartley and John Richmond.

Teatum Jones is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine styles with its georgette silk dresses and oversized slacks.  The designers love to tell stories with their collections.  For instance, their first collection was Baroque Art themed and their second collection told the story of the first class' involvement in World War II.  Teatum Jones brings simple style and dramatic prints together to form a nonchalantly elegant look for women.  The Teatum Jones woman embraces the conceptual whilst radiating a contemporary relevance, the designers tell London Fashion Week.  The colors used in the prints of the collections make the audience go deeper and see the true meaning of the garment.

Refiner29 talks about the designers' latest collection saying, Teatum designers headed for stardom...will be on everyone's must-watch roster in the upcoming seasons...the collection is to die for.

Fall 2011/12 collection

Spring 2011 collection