The new trailer for Gillian Flynn’s next drama has dropped, and it’s a doozy. Just as the book promised, the movie adaptation of “Dark Places” looks like it will take its audiences to the uncomfortable recesses of yet another tortured soul.

Starring Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz and Nicholas Hoult, “Dark Places” follows Libby Day (Theron), a tragic survivor after her family was brutally murdered. Day has spent years repressing the memories, but a secret society obsessed with solving crimes has taken interest in her case. Now she must find the strength to open old wounds and find the real killer.

Here’s three moments you shouldn’t miss in the new trailer featuring Charlize Theron fresh off her “Mad Max: Fury Road” success.

1. Bit More Backstory
Since the release of the first international trailer, fans of the book will get to see more of Libby Day’s life before her family’s execution. She lives in an idyllic pastoral palace, buffeted by healthy wheat fields and well-kept farm, until that fateful day that changed everything.

2. Puts Blame Closely On Brother
In case there were any doubts after the first trailer, this new teaser shows how the family’s life was disrupted by Libby’s wayward older brother. When his mother ventures into his room past the Misfits posters and black lights, she discovers terrifying threats against her family. In a voiceover, Charlize Theron adds to the tragedy of the scene: “I was eight the night they were killed.”

3. Hints About A Supernatural Force
Over a shot of Libby’s murdered mother on the ground, fans get the first clue as to why her brother’s predilection for the dark and mysterious could have led to the family’s demise. “It’s Devil worship,” says a disembodied voice. The mystery deepens and more unanswered questions arise.  

“Dark Places” opens in theaters Aug. 7, 2015.