width=200Fashion & Style: Heather Kosch's edgy line of jewelry lies somewhere in the ambiguous intersection of fashion and art. Inspired by the latter, each piece could easily be put on display in a museum as sculptural masterpiece.

Kosch drew the latest collection from artists who deliberately referenced geometry in their work-an edgy, architectural approach that gives it a transcendent quality. The collection's pieces evolved from oversized bracelets to earrings and pins, all of which retain her unique aesthetic approach. I'm fascinated by sculpture, so I take into consideration multiple planes and dimensions when I work, she explains.

width=144The razor-like cuts in the designs range from rosewood rings to bangles and pendants. In a current collaboration with Gerlan Marcel of Gerlan Jeans, Kosch also turned peace signs and alien heads into wearable trinkets made of exotic woods and colorful aluminum-a feat few could reasonably pull off.

While combining art and fashion may be crucial to her designs, Kosch's central philosophy is focusing on strong craftsmanship. She implements hand tooling, sanding and precise polishing of each piece. With international recognition and an increasing fan base, look forward to seeing Kosch's designs in boutiques and art exhibits alike.

For more information, see koschnyc.com.