With hybrid cars, eco-friendly houses and eco-fashion trends, almost every other industry in the market is working towards finding environmentally sustainable solutions to lower the carbon footprint and conserve energy. Taking cue from this, designer Tjeerd Veenhoven has conceptualised an iFan with the capability to charge an iPhone with wind energy.

This new hardware application is a modified PC fan molded into a rubberized iPhone case which can charge the phone attached to it every time the wind blows.

The self-described 3D interior and exterior designer from Netherlands says that the new accessory allows users to harness the green power of the wind for charging phones.

Although the new concept sounds intriguing, the iFan is not without its set of flaws or drawbacks. To charge an iPhone completely, iFan takes around 6 hours, which is longer than the time the conventional electric charger needs.

However, one can speed up the process by popping it into the case of a bicycle in order to generate the kind of breeze needed to charge the application.

Redesigning the blades of the fan to some extent may also help fasten the process of charging.