As fans of “The Elder Scrolls Online” know, the city of Orsinium has been under construction ever since the game was released. Now, the next piece of downloadable content (DLC) will focus on reconstructing the city, while also opening a new region to explore, with monsters to kill and dungeons to loot in “The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium.”

This expansion of “Elder Scrolls Online” has players venturing into the ancestral home of the Orcs and is the biggest expansion to hit the game yet, according to Game Informer. There will be plenty of new quests for players to partake in and a new single-player arena called the Maelstrom Arena for those who want to test their might.

The real meat of the game comes from exploring Orsinium. The reason players are there in the first place is because King Kurog has put the call out for help to rebuild the once great city. However, there are enemies who wish to keep Orsinium where it is and some mysteries that players can solve.

Fans, who are more into adventure than story, can explore two new dungeons that can be played solo and with a group. The dungeons include Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, both of which will have plenty of gear and loot for those willing to explore them, Shack News reported.

PC users that have access to the Public Test Server can already try out Orsinium and see what secrets they can find in this “Elder Scrolls Online” expansion. Other PC players will have to wait till Nov. 2 to access Orsinium and all of its content.

Those, who purchased “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited” for PS4 and Xbox One, will have to wait a bit longer for the DLC expansion. Xbox One users get the Orsinium pack on Nov. 17, while PS4 users get the expansion on Nov. 18.

Orsinium will be free to anyone who still has an active “Elder Scrolls Online” Plus membership. Those that don’t will have to pay 3,000 crowns for access to the expansion in the “Tamriel Unlimited” online store. Fans can check out the video below to see what awaits them in Orsinium.

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