For most of us, we wake up, we get in our cars and we go to work. Those who don’t work are just as busy, if not busier. The hustle and bustle of parenting includes carting our children around from place to place. That takes a tremendous amount of human energy. Did one ever stop to think how much energy our vehicles create while we are doing all this? Yes, you read that correctly. Our vehicles create energy, kinetic energy to be exact.

Now one vehicle does not produce a tremendous amount of energy. If that were the case, it’s safe to say that things would be a lot different than what they are now. Multiply that single car though by a couple hundred thousand, and it becomes a major possibility. The energy has to be harnessed and sustained in order to use it somewhere else though.

To harness energy like this takes a tremendous amount of research, technology, and resources. If relationships are built upon the simple idea of harnessing this energy with those who have the means, then it can be done. That is exactly what New Energy Technologies is about to show the world. They are able to capture kinetic energy through a device that is on the cutting edge of renewal energy technology and they are doing this at the most unexpected but practical of places. A place where hundreds, sometimes thousands of vehicles pass thru, depending on the location, each and every day, a drive thru lane at fast food chain giant, Burger King.

New Energy is unveiling its newest Kinetic Energy harnessing design, MotionPowerâ„¢. This new technology is backed by several newly applied patents, major universities, commercial partners and research institutions. The potential of this design is going to be put to the test in a real time situation. It will all be happening right under those adding a shake to their combo meal.

The reality is New Energy has created a device that can harness an energy source that normally goes to waste, and turn it into a renewable energy source. The hundreds of thousands of roads times the hundreds of thousands of vehicles that use those roads throughout the United States alone could produce unprecedented power not yet seen.