New Energy Technologies Inc. is a developer of next generation alternative and renewable energy technologies. One of the technologies that the company is developing is called MotionPower, a roadway system for generating electricity by capturing the kinetic energy produced by moving vehicles.

New Energy Technologies announced today successful completion of its first-ever MotionPower prototype energy harvester for heavy trucks and vehicles to be installed at such locations as truck stops, weigh scales, commercial ports of entry, and shipping sites. This newly developed technology complements the company’s previously prototyped MotionPower system for cars and light trucks.

MotionPower technology is a roadway-based system that is designed to be installed in locations where vehicles decelerate or stop, thus ensuring that vehicles are not ‘robbed’ of energy they would otherwise use to accelerate. Instead, MotionPower devices assist vehicles in slowing down, and in the process of doing so, capture the vehicles’ motion before it is lost as brake heat.

President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Meetesh V. Patel, stated, “I’m very excited to see the quick progress our engineering team has made with the successful completion of our first-generation MotionPower prototype designed to harvest the kinetic energy of long-haul trucks, buses, and other load-bearing heavy vehicles in order to generate clean electricity.”

Mr. Patel continued, “Engineers will now work towards optimizing our first-of-its-kind heavy-vehicle energy harvester for full-scale site implementation and testing, similar to the durability tests we’ve planned at key locations for our recently completed, first-generation MotionPower car and light truck energy harvester prototype.”

Once fully optimized and installed, engineers anticipate that MotionPower devices may be used to augment or replace conventional electrical supplies for powering roadway signs, street and building lights, etc.