New Energy Technologies is a next-generation alternative and renewable energy developer. The company is working towards capturing and converting the wasted kinetic energy from moving vehicles into useful electricity. This electricity could be used to power commercial buildings, industrial applications, and even residential homes.

New Energy Technologies today unveiled the company’s prototype MotionPower energy harvesting device. This device is a first-of-its-kind, modular mechanical system engineered to exploit the energy wasted by moving vehicles in order to generate electricity.

Once installed, engineers anticipate that MotionPower devices may be used to augment or replace conventional electricity supplies for powering roadway signs, street lights, etc. New Energy has filed numerous patents for the protection of the intellectual property associated with this concept.

Having successfully engineered and built the company’s first prototype, New Energy engineers are now actively working to further optimize the efficiency of the MotionPower energy harvester device. The company’s engineers are preparing the device for installations at high traffic locations such as toll booths, traffic intersections, drive-thrus, etc.

The MotionPower device has been engineered to ensure that it can be manufactured easily and is resistant to damage from vehicles, road debris and weather. The device is easy to install and boasts a modular design. The modular design allows installers to either shorten or lengthen the energy harvester in order to customize the system based on location.

New Energy CEO Meetesh Patel stated, “For the first time ever, Americans stand to generate valuable electricity by simply driving their cars through our easy-to-install, portable MotionPower devices. With nearly 250 million cars traversing America’s roadways, we’re poised to capitalize on an untapped commercial opportunity, while delivering timely cost-savings and long-term environmental benefits to energy consumers.”