A new week with new expectations, the U.S Dollar inclined against majors as expectations of further rate cuts from the Feds are fading, as last week the CPI indicated inflation rose the most in two years, while growth is expected to slow down in the forth quarter, putting the Feds in a difficult situation to deal with.

The Euro declined at the start of today's Asian session to record a low of 1.4388 and rose gradually from that to set a high of 1.4451.

The Pound Declined to its lowest since three months against the U.S Dollar to set a low of 2.0142 rising afterwards to record a high of 2.0215.

The Yen declined against the Dollar, as the Dollar gained some momentum from the decreased expectations of a rate cut, the USD/JPY pair recorded a high of 113.45 and a low of 112.87