The “Fantastic Four” reboot will tell the story of how the superheroes acquired their special abilities. A new clip of the movie shows some of these abilities of the heroes. Meanwhile, the original movies from the franchise have reportedly been removed from digital platforms ahead of the release of the reboot.

Fox Sports has released a promo video of the movie, which also promotes the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015. The video, posted on its Twitter page, talks about heroes wanting to “reach higher, push further, burn brighter” and “fight harder.”

The video includes footage from the trailers of the movie released so far, where the main characters in the movie achieve a scientific breakthrough in inter-dimensional travel. Reed Richards, played by Miles Teller, Sue Storm, played by Kate Mara, Ben Grimm, played by Jamie Bell and Johnny Storm, played by Michael B. Jordan acquire their powers after traveling to a new dimension.

The video shows Reed, also known as Mr. Fantastic, has the ability to stretch and the elastic properties of his hands can be seen in the video. Johnny, also known as the Human Torch, appears to be fighting his sister by throwing a fire ball that gets blocked by Sue. Sue, also known as the Invisible Woman, has the ability to cast a force shield apart from the ability to turn invisible. Ben turns into the Thing, a being with an almost indestructible stone-like body.

The heroes will take on villainous Dr. Doom in the “Fantastic Four” reboot. The role of the villain is played by Toby Kebbell in the movie and a scene of the villain is also featured in the video.

As the studio prepares for the launch of the movie, the original movies from the franchise starring Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis is reportedly being removed from digital platforms. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has removed the 2005 movie of the franchise and its sequel from Apple iTunes as well as from Amazon.

According to the report, a source has revealed that the studio is attempting to relaunch the “Fantastic Four” franchise, which is said to be different in terms of the tone to the previous movies. The studio is reportedly considering the original movies to be a distraction while promoting the reboot and may also “cause confusion in the marketplace.”