“Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” will be getting a massive new expansion later this month called “The Grand Tournament,” and Blizzard confirmed that a number of new cards will be introduced for the occasion. A total of 132 new cards will debut for “The Grand Tournament” expansion, along with a brand new arena for the battles and a new game mechanic called “Inspire.”

The final cards were revealed on the official “Hearthstone” Facebook page, where fans can see how powerful they are. Some of these new cards have the new “Inspire” mechanic, which is an incredibly useful skill. Some of the cards with “Inspire” give players the ability to instantly summon a legendary card, while others increase the attack of weapons or destroy monsters on the opposing field.

Each character class also gets nine new cards each, except for the Hunter, which gets 10 new cards. There are also 50 new neutrals, some of which have their own special abilities.

Like most of the cards in “Hearthstone,” skilled players will be able to earn these cards by playing “The Grand Tournament” expansion. Those who want the cards immediately, but are too lazy to grind can simply get them through in-app purchases (or IAP) for an easy solution.

It seems like the tactic has paid well for Blizzard, as GameSpot revealed that “Hearthstone” makes around $20 Million a month. The game was reportedly making a lot of money already, but the revenue doubled when “Hearthstone” became available for more devices. The game originally came out on the iPad before coming out for smartphones everywhere.

Despite using mechanics seen in most free-to-play games, “Hearthstone” has been praised by critics and mobile gamers alike for providing an engrossing and addictive experience. Even the free-to-play mechanics have been described as fair, since almost every card can be earned by simply playing the game.

With “The Grand Tournament” getting released later this month, it seems like now is a good time to be a fan of “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.” The game is a free download for both iOS and Android devices. The game is also available for Microsoft Windows and OS X computers. 

The Grand Tournament Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Hearthstone)