* Timestamps on the comments at the bottom of a post (go ahead, try it out below!) - so you can see when a comment was posted
* Threaded comments - hit ‘reply' and your reply will appear right below the comment, it makes conversations a lot easier to follow
* Faster site load - the old layout wasn't being updated anymore and relied on some old code. This new layout is a bit snappier to load.

While the old layout will always hold a special place in my heart, and it was a little hard to say goodbye, this layout does offer a lot easier to organize layout. On the old site I was forced to throw all navigation into boxes on the left hand side. With this new site I have the navigation bars at the top, and can also do levels of links on the side (see on the left hand side where it says about piphut and the links below are offset to the right?).

In addition to those features listed above, I added a few other things this weekend:

* Twitter! - PipHut's twitter site is up and running, and while I might not update it every second, I will definitely update it a few times a day with things like Bullish candlestick on 1h chart or good scalping opportunity ahead. I recommend you follow PipHut on twitter as well. You can do this by clicking the follow us image on the right hand side or by going directly to our twitter page here.

* Pivot Level Calculator - I don't use Pivot Points much but other traders do and have asked me to add a calculator to PipHut, so I did! You can get to it by either going to the Forex Tools menu at the top of the page and selecting Pivot Point Calculator or by going directly to the pivot level calculator here.

* Upgraded servers - Finally after last weekend's upgrade a lot of international users were having problems accessing sites so I switched hosts and upgraded servers. Response times have been a LOT better for me and I've got some graphs to prove it, but I'll let you have the final say. How is your load time? Better, same, worse?

Finally, an update on the in the works projects:
1) Candlestick article - I know, I know. This one was supposed to be out weeks ago. It got put on the backburner a bit with all of the other upgrades these past few weeks. I'm on it.

2) Signals Service - Coming along nicely. 15 signals are all in live testing right now and have been for 2-3 weeks. Results are amazing so far and this is perhaps the single most exciting thing coming out by far.

3) Candlestick alerts - this is pretty exciting too. I'm working on an automated service that would send out alerts when certain candlestick configurations are detected on charts (e.g. if there is a shooting star on the 60M chart you would get an alert). Pretty cool stuff!

So let me know what you think of the new layout. I know change can be hard, and we will all miss the old simplicity of the peaceful bamboo background but there are a lot of other advantages to this new look. Not just in the look but the backend code as well. So I hope you like it!


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