The New York Public Library launched a new iPad app today.

As a part of the Find the Future celebration, the free iPad app Biblion: the Boundless Library launched its first edition, which features more than 700 items from the library's archive of New York World's Fair 1939-40 collection. The app allows users to search, scroll and zoom around the available items, giving access to the regular updates and features from the Library, including photos, documents, multimedia, and scholarly essays.

According to a press release, The end result is a multi-linear immersive experience through the World of Tomorrow, which, like the Library, has something for everyone...from technological innovation, music and pop culture, to a world dealing with war and economic hardship.

NYPL plans to release a second app, a Find the Future game, later in the week. This summer we can expect to see a third app which collects a patron's entire library experience, as well as a web version of the Biblion app, with deeper references into the Library's collection.

The new app is free and available for download here.