The New iPad boasts a lot of new features, giving the gaming community a lot to be excited about. With the most advanced graphic techniques and the sharpest images on the market, players could consider putting down the Xbox controller and picking up Apple's new product.

One of the main attractions for gamers is the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons. The action adventure story follows a weaponsmith on a perilous mission to create the Infinity Blade itself.

The controls are the best I've seen in any action game on the iPad or iPhone, wrote gaming website Grouvee's Peter Corsaro when referring to the first two games.

The New iPad's upgraded display and powerful processor should provide for a compelling gaming experience. When the iOS exclusive game debuted in October 2010, Infinity Blade generated more than $20 million in revenue in a span of 10 months, according to Times Live.

But Infinity Blade isn't the only title worth checking out. For football fans, Madden NFL 12 by EA Sports is sure to please. This is one of the longest lasting sports franchises in the gaming world, and the iPad's high-resolution packed with plenty of pixels should make for an intense sports game. Word puzzle W.E.L.D.E.R. is also a worthy competitor in the gaming market. Players utilize the tablet's swiping features to create words in a whole new way.

Gamers still have some time to prepare for the tablet's release, with the device hitting stores on March 16th.