The latest iPad's remarkable feature is Retina Display, which is an innovative technology. The engineers have proved the impossible, possible by developing this incredible feature for the new iPad.

The resolution of the screen is twice than that of its predecessor and shows sharper images. It means that in the new iPad's display panel, each cluster has four times more pixels than each cluster in iPad 2's display panel. But if four times the pixels are compressed into a same space, then the signals will affect each other, which will make the images look blurred. To solve this issue, Apple placed the pixels onto a different surface that were separated from the signals. According to DisplaySearch, Apple has implemented the SHA (Super High Aperture) pixel design technique.

The Retina display could be one of the top reasons why one would love to grab the new iPad when it hits the stores on March 16.

Check out the different applications of the new iPad's Retina Display:

1) Medical diagnosis

With the help of the new iPad's amazing Retina display feature, the doctors can now easily diagnose the scanned reports of the patients such as MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging), CT (Computed Tomography) and Ultrasound, remotely. Thereby it plays an important role in the field of medicines.

2) Digital Publishing Suite to support Retina Display

Adobe has announced that its Digital Publishing Suite will soon support the new iPad's high definition feature. Hence the users of DPS will now be able to to enjoy the amazing display. One will able to create the best publications, which produces the high-resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.

3) Crime Investigation

The powerful resolution of the new iPad will the investigation department to analyze the photos that were taken at the crime scene. It will show the pictures more clearly and sharper.

4) Data analysis

The industries like Petroleum and Geophysics can make use of the 3D Geologic Modeling to interpret the data. The new iPad can now be used to determine the data of such industries.

5) Power of Gaming

New iPad users can have the great fun in playing the games using the new Apple tablet, which packs not only Retina display but also quad-core graphics. The game developers can take an advantage of these features and launch new, graphics intensive games.