Apple's iPad 2 may be $100 cheaper than the new iPad, but the new iPad is still better in at least five ways. When the new iPad was unveiled March 7 in San Francisco, it included many new features like a high-speed internet connection, improved camera and added photo software and HD quality display. But two other additions help cement the new iPad's position as the tablet to beat, even more so than the uber-popular iPad 2.

One is the customized processor that includes a quad-core graphics chip. Apple upgraded the iPad 2's central brain with the A5X chip that will make playing games and watching HD movies even more realistic and true to life. A related update to the faster processor is the increased system memory. Combined with the 4G speeds, this feature will help make everything done on the iPad buttery smooth. Another reason this is welcome news is because new apps are getting bigger and will need the extra memory to keep from crashing. Start the slideshow to see five ways the new iPad is better than iPad 2. Tell us in the comments if you think iPad 2 is still the way to go.

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