Two videos of the upcoming iPhone 6S handset have surfaced. One reveals the internal features of the display panel and the other video showcases the rear panel of the iPhone 6S.

The video that compares the display panel of the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6 has been released by Mac Maniack, the European reseller of products that are manufactured by Apple. Mac Rumors said there won’t be any difference in the dimensions of the iPhone 6S when compared to the predecessor model.

The FaceTime camera and the proximity sensor can be seen at the very same spot. The video also reveals the physical Home button and the Touch ID sensor will be integrated to the LCD screen. At the left corner on the top, there is a new connector for the Force Touch hardware that 9 to 5 Mac reported will allow users to access shortcuts in different applications.

Another leaked video from Unbox Therapy reveals how Apple has worked on strengthening the new rear panel for the iPhone 6S to prevent Bendgate issues. Apple Insider said the portion surrounding the buttons and cut-outs on the rear panel are thicker than those on the iPhone 6.

The video also reveals the iPhone 6S will be slightly larger than the iPhone 6 with a thicker chassisbuilt with Series 7000 aluminum alloy.

As far as the rumored specs of the iPhone 6S are concerned, the device is expected to be powered with Apple A9 chip and 2GB of RAM. It also is to feature a faster LTE chip and will come preloaded with iOS 9. The iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6 are pegged to get announced Sept. 9. Rumors also indicate that Apple will unveil the 4-inch iPhone 6C at the launch event.

iPhone 6S Display Panel:

Source: YouTube / MacManiack

iPhone 6S Rear Panel

Source: YouTube / Unbox Therapy