Hey fellow traders,

The first baby steps of launching a new Japanese Candlesticks course with pro trader and money manager Muhammad Azeem have proven successful enough to justify splurging on a full curriculum, expanding further on this topic.

However, instead of bulking everything together into one big course – we will offer 5 distinct ‘levels’ instead, letting YOU decide where you need to start – or simply enrol for all 5 together, at a discount.

The course material takes the original discussion of Japanese Candlesticks, and hits it right out of the ballpark – culminating in the development, backtesting, and use of your very own trading system.

Here is a brief summary of each level’s content:

Level 1 – History and Basics

Japanese Candlesticks have been in use by traders since the 17th century…

But just how well do YOU know them? If you want to learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks THE RIGHT WAY – this is the lesson for you.

Level 2 – Advanced Candlestick Patterns

You will learn powerful candlestick patterns that appear during the London market session on the EUR/USD currency pair.

We will discuss different technical oscillators that a trader can use, and deal with proper use of stop loss placement.

In this webinar, you will also learn a new way to use moving averages to take your trading to the next level.

Level 3 – Trade Entry and Exit

You will learn proper use of support and resistance levels on an intra-day basis.

Anyone can enter the market, but it is a “Good Exit” that determines the success of trade. So, you will learn different types of exit strategies to close your winning trades with more profit.

You will also learn how to reduce risk in trading by using different types of trailing stop and money management techniques.

Level 4 – Your Own Trading System

Everyone wants to trade with the trend but how well do YOU know how to define a market trend and how to exploit it to make profit?

We will teach several methods to help you skip bad trading signals.

Webinar Attendee will be able to connect all the bits and pieces of information that they have learned through past lessons to create a workable day trading system.

Level 5 – Perfecting the System

This session is the heart of creating our own day trading system. We will design, create and test a complete trading system during our less.

We will also discuss different possible scenarios that traders encounter at the time of trading. We will also deal with risk-to-reward ratio, profit-to-loss ratio and maximum drawdown.

We will also use this session to tie up any loose ends from prior lessons.

You can learn more about the lessons and reserve your seat right here: