The Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) and Kraft Foods Group’s (NASDAQ:KRFT) will make a big advertising push this fall in an effort to boost falling sales, according to an AdAge report on Monday, Aug. 12.

In response to falling sales, The Gap Inc. will focus on promoting its denim line through its “Back to Blue” campaign which focuses on denim. The last time clothing company had a television ad buy was four years ago during the Christmas 2009 season. The campaign will also include digital, print and social advertising.

Kraft Foods Group is also seeking to reboot their Jell-O brand with a television ad campaign that seeks to shift the brand’s focus back to families and marketing the product as a snack rather than dessert.

The Gap Inc.’s television ads in the '90s and so far in the '00s have been notable for their signature use of pop music and dance numbers. Kraft Food Group’s Jell-O brand was particularly known through its longtime spokesperson, Bill Cosby.

Take a look at ads from both The Gap and Jell-O in the video above to see the changes both companies and brands have made over the years in their advertising campaigns.