New Leaf Brands, Inc., based in Orangeburg, NY, announced yesterday that they have extended their presence in Asia. The New Leaf beverages are now being sold at Central Food Retail Company Limited, the largest supermarket chain in Thailand. In January of 2010, New Leaf’s beverages began selling in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai, China. This new agreement further strengthens their foothold in the Asian markets, but as New Leaf’s CEO, Eric Skae, puts it only begins to “scratch the surface of our presence in Asia.”

Central Food will be selling six of the New Leaf Brand flavor teas in their stores. In a conversation with Eric Skae, he told us that six is a great starting number for quantity of flavors as it gives significant exposure of the New Leaf beverages without asking new retailers to give up too much of their premium shelf space. The addition of new flavors grows with time as their products continue to sell.

Doing business since 1996, Central Food is a purveyor of the finest foods and offers an extensive selection of foods from around the world. Central Food, recognized globally as the “Number 3 World’s Greatest Food Retailer” by The Grocer Magazine, operates 115 branches nationwide with 79 stores in Bangkok and 36 stores located in upcountry.

Vice President of Central Food, Nick Reitmeier, was quoted in the press release as saying, “At Central Food Retail our number one goal is to bring our customers the best quality products from around the world. After tasting New Leaf and witnessing the traction that New Leaf has gained in such a short time in the United States, we did everything we could to begin selling the product in our stores in Thailand. We are excited to be the first company to bring New Leaf to Thailand and look forward to a thriving relationship.”

With 14 different flavors of tea and now 4 flavors of lemonade on the market, New Leaf Brands is rapidly emerging as a leader in the beverage industry. Their products can be found in over 8,000 restaurants, gas stations, health food establishments, delis and other retail stores. Their product is being dubbed “The Official Beverage of Taste” due to the extremely positive responses they are receiving globally.