New Leaf Brands, Inc. announced earlier this week that they have ramped up production of their lemonades to meet continuously increasing demand. New Leaf Brands is a provider of great tasting, all natural, healthy beverages that include 12 unique tea flavors sweetened with 100% organic cane sugar, 4 lemonades made with 6%-10% real fruit juice and sweetened with 100% organic cane sugar and 2 diet iced teas sweetened with Splenda™. Their line of lemonades was introduced a few months ago and has been selling rapidly. In fact, last month it was the number one New Leaf beverage distributed by Manhattan Beer in the New York City metro area.

Manhattan Beer, the largest beverage distributor in the New York City metropolitan area, has been working with New Leaf since 2008 with extraordinary success. In April, the beverage distribution giant launched an aggressive campaign to more than double the previous distribution of New Leaf beverages. Beverages were re-shelved with proprietary merchandising displays at the ideal consumer eye level and stocked with New Leaf’s trademark green color glide rack at new and existing accounts. This campaign also included the first runs of the New Leaf Brand Lemonades.

Bill DeLuca, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Manhattan Beer, commented, “Our New Leaf marketing campaign has been a tremendous success and demand for New Leaf continues to grow. The summer heat is driving demand even greater, especially for the Homemade Lemonade flavor which has been our top selling New Leaf flavor beverage in June and July to date. We believe our campaign has helped make New Leaf ‘The Official Beverage of Taste’ for New Yorkers.”

Eric Skae, New Leaf President and CEO, stated, “We have received overwhelming acceptance of our new lemonade flavors. Not surprisingly, we quickly sold out of our first two production runs and have doubled our third production run to meet this growing demand. We will continue working closely with Bill and his team at Manhattan Beer, which has played a huge part in this success, as we expand our previously announced marketing campaign in the New York Metro area. Our overall case sales continue to gain momentum in our key markets and we expect this growth to continue.”

New Leaf has been taking the “Ready to Drink” industry by storm. Early in the year, New Leaf was found in approximately 8,000 locations including restaurants, delis, health food stores, pizzerias and other retail establishments. Distribution has increased by more than 50% as their products are now in over 12,000 locations in the United States and several locations internationally. Last week saw the announcement of an extended agreement with Whole Food Stores® to put New Leaf products into an additional 42 stores in its Southern Pacific division. Whole Foods Market is the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods with more than 270 stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The agreement placed New Leaf beverages in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii locations while the initial agreement made New Leaf available in Whole Foods’ Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Rocky Mountain Division stores.

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