Updated Mac Pros and MacBook Airs are expected to launch together this week, according to a report by 9to5mac.com. Part numbers for an upgraded Mac Pro line have appeared, suggesting a release for the new line of professional-minded desktop Macs in the coming days.

The 9to5mac.com report said four new MacBook Air models are on the way. Two have 11-inch screens, and two have 13-inch screens. Each of the two screen size options has an entry-level model and an upgraded version. The new MacBook Air won't have any major exterior changes. The main upgrades are the Sandy Bridge processors and connectors for Thunderbolt, a higher capacity connection technology from Intel.

The new line of MacBook Airs will also feature backlit keyboards, which were not included in the current line of the slim laptops for cost reasons.

9to5mac.com is speculating that the new Pros may feature a redesigned enclosure with the potential for a 16-core model. Apart from three Mac Pros, a new Mac Pro Server model will also be released.

For people who don't want to buy a new Mac, OS X Lion will be available as a download through the Mac App Store for $30. Apple's new operating system is set to release this month, presumably at the same time as the new hardward. The date is July 14 according to sources cited by 9to5mac.com.