Some owners of the newly updated MacBook Air from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are complaining of issues with WiFi connectivity. The refreshed ultraportable computers were released earlier in June during Apple’s WWDC.

The Apple Support Communities forum lists numerous users complaining that the new MacBook Air is having trouble with its updated 802.11ac WiFi connectivity, with the computer connecting to wireless networks for short periods of time before dropping the signal. Early reviews praised the new MacBook Air for its battery life, and many reviewers lasted longer than Apple’s claims of 12 hours of use on the 13-inch model and nine hours of use on the 11-inch.

As of this writing, Apple has not returned a request for comment, and has not yet released any software or firmware updates to address any WiFi issue for the new MacBook Air. Several commenters on the Apple Support have said that they will wait to purchase the new MacBook Air until this issue is addressed.

IBTimes has called Apple Stores throughout the U.S. and none said that they had seen above average returns on the new MacBook Air.

Users in the Apple Support forum have suggested that the decision to place the WiFi antenna in the hinge of the new MacBook Air is the root of the problem, with some users suggesting that the issue was most noticeable when the notebook was placed on a flat surface, such as a desk.

Have reports of the new MacBook Air’s WiFi issues affected your decision to purchase it, or reinforced your decision to go with another brand? Any new owners out there experiencing buyer’s remorse?

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