New Market Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, TX and provides various Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies to customers both in the United States and internationally. Their primary focus is on domestic and international telephony, software licensing, technical consulting and system integrations. Some of the services provided by New Market Technology include voice mail services, pre-paid long distance calling cards, e-commerce communications services, broadband wireless services and corporate long-distance, fax and data services.

New Market Technology has established many partnerships over the years including the likes of Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle, to name a few. The Company has also received many accolades over the last 8 years being named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and being recognized as the third fastest growing technology company in the United States in 2006. Last year’s revenues were reported just under $100 million.

New Market Technologies issued a press release today announcing that their Greenfield Partnership Program webcast has been officially scheduled for Thursday, March 25, 2010. The program, which was established in 2009, is designed to showcase new technology innovations in new markets. The webcast will provide previews of financial reports for several companies which trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board exchange. These companies include NuMobile, Inc (NUBL), Nova Energy Inc. (NVAE) and China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (CCTR).

NWMT is an interesting chart and play. It has a very low amount of outstanding shares (18.66 million) and float (17.44 million) according to the most recent filings. The Price Per Share (pps) has been on a solid slide for the last 6 months from up around .50 to now trading at .013. The chart is trying to set itself up for a possible reversal and will most likely be getting more attention in the future.