Beat The GMAT today launched its fifth annual scholarship competition for business school applicants. This MBA website will be distributing six GMAT prep packages worth over $8500.

Beat The GMAT is one of the world's most popular communities for MBA applicants, serving 1 million+ visitors per year. The Beat The GMAT Scholarship program began in 2006 when the site's founder, Eric Bahn-at the time a 23-year-old recent Stanford graduate-began blogging about his GMAT prep experiences.

While blogging about my GMAT studies I received so much wonderful, unsolicited help from my readers-it was such incredible motivation, recalls Eric Bahn. After I finished my GMAT, I vowed to give back to the community that supported me by creating this scholarship program.

Since 2006, Beat The GMAT has been able to distribute nearly $60,000 in scholarship prizes to 28 people.

For the 2010 competition, Beat The GMAT will distribute six scholarship packages that each include a $250 voucher for GMAT registration fees, as well as a full GMAT test prep course--courtesy of donations from the following test prep companies: Grockit, Kaplan, Knewton, Manhattan GMAT, The Princeton Review, and Veritas Prep.

Beat The GMAT is now accepting applications until May 20, 2010. To learn more and to apply for the scholarship, please visit:

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Founded in 2005, Beat The GMAT ( is one of the world's largest online communities for GMAT prep and MBA admissions advice. The website serves over 1 million students per year, offering: daily business school prep articles, free GMAT prep resources, and 24-hour live expert Q&A.