Miley Cyrus is not letting shocked reactions from her Sunday performance at the VMA Awards keep her from expressing her obsession with twerking. The 20-year-old sent Barclays Center, the media and fans alike into a frenzy, after gyrating and twerking onstage while performing “We Can’t Stop” and then “Blurred Lines” alongside Robin Thicke.

Wearing latex underwear, Cyrus stuck her tongue out as she twerked on the 36-year-old crooner, nuzzled his neck and touched his groin with a giant foam hand. 

Twerking is a dance move that has recently become popular in music videos and involves a person gyrating their hips. Cyrus joined the dance craze in the past few months, sparking controversy for a number of reasons, one being that most people remember her as the wholesome Hannah Montana on Disney. Since then, her image has been transformed into a twerk princess instead of a Disney princess.

But the singer seems to enjoy her new status and posted photos of her backside on Twitter Monday. In one photo, she is wearing a custom-made basketball outfit that says “Jordan,” referring to NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, and on the back of her shorts read his number, “23.” In a second shot, Cyrus seems to be in the middle of twerking while in a crowded boys' locker room. She is wearing a red bra, white shorts with a black G-string on top, and her left hand is behind her head.[[nid:1400517]][[nid:1400519]]

Meanwhile, the singer is set to release another music video, as she was seen out in Brooklyn heading into a recording studio. Despite being half-naked in her latest photos and at the VMA Awards, she was covered up in an oversized black hoodie.