Including two different Pikachus in “Pokken Tournament” seemed like an odd decision, but seeing Masked Pikachu -- or Pikachu Libre -- in action should put any fears into rest. The latest gameplay video of the Pokemon fighting game features the franchise’s adorable mascot who has decided to dress up like a luchador and fight like one too, as she hits her opponents with a variety of body slams and dropkicks.

Luchador wrestlers have always been the perfect combination of power and speed, so it makes sense to see some of these attributes in Pikachu Libre. Not only can Pikachu Libre dodge attacks from other Pokemon, she can also suplex some of the bigger opponents in the game. The short gameplay video shows the adorable Pokemon take down the likes of Machamp and Charizard.

Making Pikachu's move set deadlier is the added lightning to her moves, literally. Like in the anime and video games, Pikachu Libre unleashes more than a million volts on her opponents, even stunning them with electric nets before kicking them into oblivion.

The final moments of the video show Pikachu Libre unleashing a deadly diving attack that would be impossible for any WWE superstar. This also confirms that the game will have cinematic finishing moves, similar to “Super Smash Bros.” or “Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.”

Meanwhile, fans worried about having to use complicated button combinations to use the best attacks can relax. Veteran Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada is looking over the game and making sure it will appeal to casual and hardcore audiences, GameSpot reported.

Pikachu Libre joins a roster of fighters that also include Machamp, Charizard, Blaziken, Lucario and more. Each Pokemon plays very differently, so any matchups that the game has should be flashy and very fun to watch.

After numerous requests, it was revealed that “Pokken Tournament” would be getting a worldwide release on the Wii U and is scheduled for a spring 2016 release, according to Polygon. Considering the amount of coverage that the arcade fighter has, it was only a matter of time before the announcement was made.

Pokken Tournament Pikachu Libre Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)