New Pope Memes Add A Much-Needed Dose Of Irreverence To Pope Mania

On the Internet, as we know, nothing is sacred. So naturally, Wednesday’s election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis I has inspired the inevitable avalanche of “new pope” memes. IBTimes culled together some of the most irreverent Francis-inspired memes we could find to celebrate the announcement of the new pontiff. For anyone who is a little poped out from the wall-to-wall news coverage, they’re a godsend. Heaven help us.

PopeMeme3 This reference to Sgt. Hulka of "Stripes" was inevitable.

PopeMeme8 A nice nod to the pope's master's in chemistry.  Quickmeme

PopeMeme4 The hashtag #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope was actually a thing on Wednesday.  Twitter; @GaryLees23

PopeMeme10 Finally, something stylish.

PopeMeme5 Actually, it's Snoop Lion now, but we get it.

PopeMeme1 Controversy and memes make great bedfellows.

PopeMeme6 Grumpy Cat's 15 minutes are pretty much up, but this is still worth posting: one of the many pope-lookalikes compiled by It's also been all over Reddit.  MSN

PopeMeme9 A reminder that not everyone shared in the excitement.  Quickmeme

PopeMeme7 And finally, while this is apropos, we could say the same thing about Someecards.  Someecards

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